Time to Tone Up for the Holidays

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Plank Challenge to tone up your mid-section!

Don’t Let Tempting Holiday Food and Drink De-Rail You!

Thanksgiving is behind us and I hope we all stuffed our bellies with delicious food! Unfortunately, it probably left us with a soft mid-section. Besides that, we still have all those Christmas parties to attend, with tempting desserts and of course–cocktails! We all go into the New Year with so many resolutions and hope to become better people, and have better bodies. This year, lets’ get a head start on some of those healthy resolutions! The best way to start is by toning up your core sooner rather than later, and that means starting now. Toning up your core is key to keeping the rest of your body aligned and fit.

The Plank Challenge

New to the game? No worries, there are plenty of easy exercises to get you started. The best one to start with are plank workouts. They require no extra gear, just your body weight, and can be done in minute, or even second, intervals. They target most of your core, glutes and other major leg muscles, as well as upper arms, making it an all-around effective workout. To get started, here’s a simple 30 Day Challenge.

Day 1: 20 secondsDay 11: 60 secondsDay 21: 150 seconds
Day 2: 20 secondsDay 12: 90 secondsDay 22: 180 seconds
Day 3: 30 secondsDay 13: REST DAYDay 23: 180 seconds
Day 4: 30 secondsDay 14: 90 secondsDay 24: 210 seconds
Day 5: 40 secondsDay 15: 90 secondsDay 25: 210 seconds
Day 6: REST DAYDay 16: 120 secondsDay 26: REST DAY
Day 7: 45 secondsDay 17: 120 secondsDay 27: 240 seconds
Day 8: 45 secondsDay 18: 150 secondsDay 28: 240 seconds
Day 9: 60 secondsDay 19: REST DAYDay 29: 270 seconds
Day 10: 60 secondsDay 20: 150 secondsDay 30: 300 seconds

Don’t skip the rest days; recovery is just as important as the workout days. Also, be sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water, it’ll help keep your muscles from becoming too sore, especially if you’re a beginner. Lastly, form is very important, so engage your core muscles toward your spine, and don’t forget to breathe!


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